Silvanus and Hungaroplant Kft. have been present in the Hungarian and European ornamentals production and trade market for more than 30 years. Together, along with a few other companies, they make up the Silvanus Group. During the last 10-15 years, the company has diversified into the forestry industry, in which we aimed at breeding new, fast growing varieties of Black Locust with straight stem growth, as well as developing new, special cultivation technologies. The result of decades of cultivation and research are several Black Locust varieties with outstanding qualities which make it the best variety group in the world. Their propagation material is produced through vegetative propagation, which means that the resulted propagation material maintains its qualities 100% as all of the trees are genetically identical, unlike when trees are propagated from seeds.

Black Locust is not only one of the most common varieties in the world, but it also has extremely good quality hardwood, which makes it unique in the continental climate. With our new varieties, the otherwise 25-30 year rotation period can be reduced to 12-15 years. Furthermore, our special cultivation technology ensures a defect free, valuable hardwood end product. ForAgro has partnered up with Silvanus to bring improved varieties of Black Locust (Robinia Psuedoacacia) and Express Willow (White Willow) to Pakistan. Please contact us to get more information.

To learn more about Silvanus and its product list. Please download the pdf below.